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Act.IL is a first of its kind app, crowdsourcing pro-Israeli activists worldwide and leveraging the power of communities to support Israel’s image and fight against the demonization of the state of Israel.

This online platform aims to organize the pro-israel community to work efficiently together via social media, thus creating a wide scale impact on the hearts and minds of global audiences.  It allows organizations and their community leaders, as well as any individual activist, to be effective while feeling a part of something bigger – an Online Community for Israe

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Act.IL's social media campaigns are based on tailor made pro-Israel content, thorough research regarding the specific target audience and the goals of the campaign. We estimate our success by asking ourselves not only "how many were exposed to our content?" but also by "who was exposed to our message?".

In order to achieve the goals of our campaigns, and create an online impact, our campaigns are built with respect to a unique workflow that is consisted from a number of crucial steps. This process takes into account critical factors such as cultural differences, levels of knowledge regarding the state of Israel, differences in world views, languages, ages and more.


Israel Extreme Yourself

The Israel Extreme Yourself campaign was created in order to present Israel in a cool and fresh way through...


Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate Diversity in Israel campaign was a positive campaign aimed to highlight the people...


Israel is NOT an Apartheid state

One of the claims often sound by anti-Israel activists is that Israel is an "Apartheid" state...


Freedom of Speech in the University of Minnesota

Professor Moshe Halbertal, an Israeli academic, was shouted down by protesters as he tried to begin...


Meet Hamas

aAct.IL's social media campaigns are based on tailor made pro-Israel content, thorough research...



Pallywood, a portmanteau of "Palestinian" and "Hollywood", is a coinage that has been use...

our training

In our training, we focus on passing our “Know how” from lessons learned in the two recent Gaza operations in addition to experience gained countering the BDS movement efforts in the past year. Our trainings value theoretical knowledge, though we highlight practical, learn as-you-practice philosophy.

Want to learn how to lead an online advocacy campaign for Israel?

We conduct modular trainings, which deliver versatile content through practical workshops, ranging from introductory New-Media & Public-Diplomacy materials, to our acclaimed Situation-Room Simulation where participants practice running an online Pro-Israeli Situation-Room.

Not sure you have the professional background?

All it takes to participate in our training is a passion for Israel!! Our trainings are built to accommodate the needs of different pro-Israeli audiences, professional Social-Media activists (Government + NGO officials) and beginners (Youth movements &civil organizations) alike.