ACT.IL is an online platform that leverages the power of communities and organized
online activity to fight BDS and the demonization of the state of Israel.

Act.IL is a first of its kind app, crowdsourcing pro-Israeli activists worldwide and leveraging the power of communities to support Israel's image and fight against the demonization of the state of Israel.
This online platform aims to organize the pro-israel community to work efficiently together via social media, thus creating a wide scale impact on the hearts and minds of global audiences. It allows organizations and their community leaders, as well as any individual activist, to be effective while feeling a part of something bigger – an Online Community for Israel

The app includes daily missions aimed for a wide variety of communities such as campus students, Advocacy organizations, researchers, graphic designers and anyone who wishes to take part in pro-Israel activity online.

From the creation and distribution of tailor made campaigns, to collective rebuttal of false and inciting rhetoric online. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, you will always have a place at Act.IL in the battle for Israel.

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whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours,
you are always relevant in the battle for Israel